About Rolling Star Manufacturing, Inc.

Highly Trusted When Quality Matters

Rolling Star Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures the highest quality trailers on the market today. We supply command centers to the U.S. Government including the Air Force, FBI, Navy, and many county sheriffs and fire departments as well as mobile food services and classrooms. We also specialize in fiber splicing and highly customized construction designs. We have trailers and truck bodies in many other countries and supply prompt and quality service to all of our customers worldwide. 

Rolling Star builds the trailers no one else will, taking the extra time and care to use materials of the highest quality. Rather than using aluminum skin sheathing and plywood, a common industry standard that degrades over time, we invest in real fiberglass reinforced paneling with a seamless gel coat finish. At RMI, we never compromise on quality. We enjoy getting to know each individual customer so we can seamlessly fulfill their unique customization needs. Our team of skilled and highly efficient workers possesses the design and craftsmanship skills needed to ensure your dreams become reality. So when you are ready for the only trailer you will ever need to buy, call Rolling Star Manufacturing, Inc.

Family Owned and Operated For Over Two Decades

Rolling Star Manufacturing, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business founded on 25 years of experience. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom high-end-trailers. These trailers are built from the frame, through to completion at our plant on Rte. 12 in Barneveld, New York in the foothills of the Adirondacks. Our first trailer, a fiber optic splicing trailer, rolled out of our doors in 1996 to make an appearance at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. This first trailer was used to produce fiber cables to uplink satellites for Bell Cells. Since that day, we have built hazardous response trailers, command centers, surveillance and classroom trailers, hot stick and utility trailers, dump trailers used for recyclables in local municipalities, trailers with working environments for utility companies, car haulers with living quarters as well as snowmobile, motorcycle, and simple cargo trailers.

Customer Commitment

Quality trailers and customer satisfaction are our trademarks. Built using the highest quality materials and backed by strong, personalized engineering, Rolling Star stands apart from the rest not only in product, but in customer relationships. At Rolling Star, we always treat our customers like family. We value your time and your trust and consistently strive for perfection in every job we take on. We stand by our customers and our products.

Why Choose Rolling Star?

The answer is simple: quality! 

  • All trailers are built with FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels), which offer one-piece walls with no seams for easy decaling and graphics. 
  • Heavy-duty couplers and jacks are used on all models. 
  • Using the combination of our frame and wall material, we eliminate the damaged frame dissimilar metal that causes early failure of most all other manufacturers. 
  • Each unit, no matter the size or complexity, gets the same custom design attention. 
  • We offer leveling systems and room extensions from HWH Corp. with any configuration. 
  • Rolling Star has an up-fit division to change your current unit or up-fit your choice of units available today.

Meet the Rolling Star Team

Nate Beck – President/CEO

Starting out as a welder in his teens, Nate Beck then attended the Air Force Academy and returned to the family business at 19. He has now grown to be responsible for several multifaceted roles at RMI. Nate is currently in charge of production scheduling and the designing of all our trailers at RMI. He also functions as an engineer. Nate is married and has three beautiful children. They actively enjoy family life and are involved in soccer as well as fishing and boating at their camp.

Dean Beck – C.O.O

Dean Beck is the Secretary/Treasurer of Rolling Star Manufacturing and also is in control of estimating and quotes. He has always dreamed of becoming a leader in custom trailer manufacturing and has been dedicated to Rolling Star’s success from the beginning. In the early days, Dean helped in the assembly process of our trailers to keep everything moving efficiently and at the highest standards possible. Prior to venturing into his entrepreneurial pursuit, Dean was a manager at several U-Haul companies. When he isn’t working at the factory, Dean enjoys spending time with his wife and four grandchildren. Dean also has a great passion for flying and is a licensed, instrument-rated pilot.

Jamie Servello – C.F.O

Jamie Servello is Rolling Star’s current Vice President, and former President/CFO. He has been with the company for 25 years, since its inception. His education includes 4 years of college studying philosophy/social science, business management/economics, and electronics. He then gathered a wide range of experience through subsequent professional positions including self-employment, musicianship, hitch mechanics at U-Haul, and finally a management position at U-Haul. He enjoys being semi-retired by spending time with his wife and beloved lab, Max. He still enjoys being a musician as well as a nature photographer, and often spends time in the Adirondacks.

Sarah Jo Bushinger – Sales & Marketing Manager

Sarah Jo Bushinger is Rolling Star’s Sales & Marketing Manager as well as its Quality Assurance Manager. Sarah Jo began in the family business as a teen, cleaning and detailing the trailers and entering invoices after school. She continued to work at Rolling Star throughout her college years, gaining valuable experience. She graduated from Wells College with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2005. After a move to Nashville for 5 years post-graduation, Sarah Jo returned in 2008. She worked as a part of the crew, building the trailers, and then moved to a quality control manager position. She now handles all sales, marketing, and quality assurance. Sarah Jo loves spending time with her husband and son. She enjoys being in nature, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and kayaking. She also enjoys singing and CrossFit, as well as investing time into her personal photography business, FoxTail Photography.

Melissa Parzych – Business Manager and Human Resources Manager

Melissa Parzych is Rolling Star’s Business Manager and Human Resources manager. She manages Payroll and is also responsible for Accounts Payable and Receivable. She has been with us since February 2011. Melissa attended college at Plattsburgh State University, graduating with a B.S. in Accounting and Business. Following graduation, she moved to Nebraska and began working as an accountant at a local CPA firm. She later returned to New York State, working at two different CPA firms. Melissa worked as an Auditor for both Not for Profits and for Profits businesses, along with area school districts. After almost a decade of working in public accounting, Melissa moved into the private sector of accounting and has been happy being able to dedicate time to both her career and family. Melissa enjoys volunteering as a member of the Parent Teacher Organization at her children’s school as well as helping with their extra-curricular activities. She enjoys watching local Utica College Men’s hockey as well as high school football. During the summer months, she enjoys tending to her garden and camping.

Matt Peters – Purchasing Manager

Matt Peters is responsible for Purchasing at Rolling Star. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University. Matt has five years of previous experience in purchasing with Northern Safety. He also has two years of experience working with government contracts and sales for Mountainside medical. Additionally, Matt owns his own media company, focusing on marketing. Matt has a passion for filmmaking and photography. Over the last 15 years, he has made 19 independent films while helping to grow the film community in upstate New York.