Hot Stick Trailers

Hot stick trailers are used for safely transporting hot sticks from one destination to another. Because hot sticks are special tools that require calibration, inspection, and maintenance, they require unique transportation. If they are not properly transported, they may falter in function, which can be dangerous or even deadly for the user.

At Rolling Star Manufacturing, we have 25 years of experience fabricating hot stick trailers. We offer three different models: the 20-foot enclosed Rolling Star Livewire, the 34-foot 5th wheel, and the 16-foot Gullwing. Our trailers have specialized storage for hot sticks, hotline accessories, and safety & testing equipment. These storage trailers are custom built to meet the specific requirements for utility workers in the power industry.

All of our hot stick trailers include:

  • Hot stick holder
  • Storage rack
  • Heaters
  • Mobile or portable generator
  • Outlets
  • Interior & exterior lighting
  • Ladder rack
  • Additional storage

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