Custom Aluminum Flat Decks


Sizes & pricing vary based on your specific needs.

Featured Custom Project

The featured project is a custom flat deck built for a propane company. Specifications are below.

  • all aluminum flatbed – as pictured 8’ x 10’6
  • aluminum locking plank deck flooring
  • all aluminum rail gate 1600lb capacity
  • tool boxes
  • rear boxes open to the outside and are 38x32x14
  • includes mounting with torsion mounts
  • all LED lights and 12V connections are heatshrink solder
  • anti-sail mudflaps
  • extra compartment – small parts storage
  • bars around tool boxes and holding loops
  • Call for a quote 315-896-4767 or contact us here

All Aluminum Truck Beds and Flatdecks with built in custom tool boxes, aluminum plank floor, wood plank flooring option, LED lights, strobe lights, lift gates, optional hydraulic lift, etc.

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